RV Storage


RV Storage


Safeguard Your Home on Wheels with RV Storage in Slidell, LA

At Fremaux Self Storage, we understand that your recreational vehicle is more than just a mode of transport; it's an investment, a symbol of freedom, and a mobile home. We are committed to providing the best possible storage solutions to preserve your RV's performance, longevity, and value.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or planning your first adventure, we are equipped to protect your prized vehicle when not in use.


Why Choose Fremaux Self Storage 


Fremaux Self Storage ensures easy access to your RV, with 24/7 entry and user-friendly facilities. Our convenient layout allows for hassle-free maneuvering of large vehicles.


The facility prioritizes the safety of your RV with CCTV surveillance and gated access. Fremaux Self Storage's advanced security measures provide peace of mind for RV owners.


Located in Slidell, Fremaux Self Storage is ideally situated for easy pick-ups and drop-offs. Our strategic location and streamlined check-in/out process make storing your RV effortless.


Fremaux Self Storage boasts a strong reputation underpinned by positive customer feedback. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable and trustworthy service for all RV storage needs.

Indoor and Outdoor RV Storage

We provide both outdoor and indoor storage options. Outdoor storage is more cost-effective, while indoor storage offers enhanced protection against the elements.

Preparing Your RV for Storage

When it comes to storing your RV, proper preparation is key to ensuring it stays in great condition. Here are some crucial steps you must take to prepare your RV for storage:

Clean the Interior and Exterior Thoroughly: Before storing your RV, a deep clean is essential. This prevents mold, pests, and odors. Cleaning the exterior also protects the paint and surfaces from long-term damage.

Check and Seal any Leaks: Inspect your RV for leaks, especially around windows, doors, and the roof. Sealing leaks prevents water damage and interior deterioration during storage.

Drain all Tanks and Remove Perishable Items: Empty all water tanks to avoid freezing and bacterial growth. Also, clear out any perishable food items to prevent spoilage and attract pests.

RV Storage Insurance: Check with your insurance provider for coverage specifics during storage. Some policies offer storage-only coverage, which can be cost-effective.


Choose Fremaux Self Storage For RV Storage in Slidell, LA

Our commitment to security, accessibility, and customer service ensures your RV is in the best hands. Our team is always ready to provide expert advice and support throughout your storage experience. Contact us today for a seamless RV storage experience!